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Our Guidance

We have provided a number of publications designed to help parents and carers, by providing useful advice and guidance. Please click on the titles to download the relevant publication. 


Infectious Diseases and Exclusion Periods

This booklet provides guidance on the most common infectious diseases and the recommended periods for which children should be kept away from the Nursery.


Setting Up a Bedtime Routine

This booklet gives good clear advice on how to deal with your child's sleeping difficulties.


Starting a Toilet Training Programme

This booklet notes some of the problems faced when starting potty training. It explains how to deal with these issues and how to begin a successful toilet training program.


Developing Eating and Drinking Skills

This booklet gives a range of ideas on how to deal with problems experienced with feeding.


Developing Early Listening Skills

This booklet explains the importance of helping your child develop good listening skills. It gives good, fun examples of how to do this.


Developing Early Communication Skills

This booklet explains how to help young children gain the right communication skills. It highlights different communication methods and explains what a child needs to learn to support their language development.


Some Favourite Nursery Rhymes

This booklet has been designed to help parents use simple action rhymes with their children. This is an aid to develop a child's communication skills.

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