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Our Nursery

"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela

Our Rooms

The Nursery, centrally located for convenient access by car, public transport, or on foot, boasts six beautifully appointed rooms carefully designed to cater to each age group. Our commitment to cleanliness and safety ensures that all rooms are kept immaculately clean and free from hazards, providing a safe and welcoming environment for our children.


In our baby rooms, we prioritise creating a serene and peaceful atmosphere conducive to early learning and the development of physical skills. Thoughtfully selected toys engage babies in exploration while our quiet sleep area, complete with relaxing low-level lighting and soothing music, promotes restful periods.


Our toddler rooms are organised to ignite curiosity and foster a journey of discovery and learning. Structured activities complement free play, nurturing early learning experiences and encouraging socialization among children.


For our foundation rooms, we have meticulously crafted a curriculum aligned with the Early Years Foundation Stage to provide a robust framework for learning. Our focus on independence and self-confidence empowers children, preparing them with essential skills as they transition into school. These carefully designed experiences enrich learning and pave the way for a successful educational journey.

Our Hall

Considered a ‘wow’ factor at the nursery, and much loved by our children and parents, our unique hall, totals 3,500 square feet. Fantastically resourced it provides opportunities for the children to engage in activities to enhance physical development to the full.


Within the physical development area is a climbing frame, opportunities for den building, bikes and cycle track, balancing beams, and tunnels with, of course, great regard to health and safety. The children have a structured programme to enhance the development of gross and fine motor skills. This extensive area allows the children to expand their energies and develop skills in a completely safe, well organised indoor environment.


The hall is also where the Nursery holds our weekly PE sessions. Along with the physical benefits of these sessions, our children are also provided with shorts and T-shirts which they are encouraged and supported to change into. We believe that our children therefore build confidence and independence, great skills that improve their school readiness.


Our Soft Play Room

Our fabulously bright and colourful soft play area offers a clean, safe environment for children to enjoy; it is dedicated to energetic play where children of all ages can improve their physical development. We have an area for our younger children that offers soft cushioned sides and surfaces with age appropriate soft play shapes.

The over 2’s area consists of a full steel structure which is padded, wrapped and netted for safety. Children can enjoy exploring, climbing the ramp, and sliding down our very exciting slide. There are also climbing tree stumps, curved mirror boards, handing tendrils and even a wall mounted pair’s game to keep them entertained.


At Marlborough Day Nursery we appreciate the importance of physical play and it’s impact on children’s development. Our soft play room allows us to offer an area where children can practice and extend their physical skills, whatever the weather.


Our Sensory Room

The sensory room is a great place to relax away from the hubbub of the main nursery. Some children may choose to lie down and enjoy the magic, whilst others can engage in the interactive areas, allowing babies and young children to explore their senses in a safe environment.


The benefits of sensory play are well known. They provide an oasis of relaxation which is vital for a child’s emotional health, a place where they can rest and become interested in their environment.


These experiences also provide a myriad of benefits for children with special needs, encouraging hand and eye coordination and the development of social and language skills.


Our Library 

Our aim is to instil in your child a love of reading and that begins with exposure to a wide range of books. Our library supports daily speaking and listening activities which are well matched to children’s developing abilities and interests.


We encourage small groups of children to access the library, and benefit from the books as well as visuals, puppets, and musical instruments. Our library also benefits children who may have speech and language delay, or those for whom English is an additional language.


Our library is also a dedicated space where we can give this one to one support, facilitate small communication groups, a place for parents and professionals to meet, and above all a calming environment away from the hustle and bustle of everyday nursery life.

Our Gardens

Marlborough Day Nursery boasts two distinct gardens so our children have ample outdoor time and exposure to fresh air. We have developed both of our outdoor spaces to provide children with opportunities to enjoy nature and explore the world in a safe environment. To that extent, the gardens are fitted with sunshades and are fully screened from the public.

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