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Our Care

Providing excellent quality care for children is at the heart of everything we do at Marlborough Day Nursery. We aim to give every child we care for, a positive and lasting memory of a fulfilling childhood, and to use all our resources and professional training to develop the whole personality of every child.



Babies and children need to know that there is someone who cares greatly for them and will keep them warm, dry, safe and feed them when they are hungry. Someone who can help them when they are scared, upset or uncomfortable. Somewhere they can have the security of some routine and predictabililty. At our Nursery your child will benefit from a whole team of caring and passionate staff with the benefit of their very own Key Person who works closely with you to provide the very best care for your child just as you'd provide yourself. Your child's key person will keep a Learning Journey up to date with all the great things your child has achieved both great and small.



Safety, security and trust are the fundamentals of happiness which is why we go to great lengths to make sure your child feels safe and secure at our Nursery. We help them to form bonds with our caring staff and create a space with features they recognise and find comfort in.



Hugs and cuddles help children to feel safe and provide them with great comfort when they are first settling in to nursery. As their confidence grows and they explore more they rely less on hugs and cuddles but still enjoy special time on our laps reading books, sitting, talking and playing.



Children love to please, and letting them know just how well they have done is key to building a confident and capable child. This helps them to learn, builds a desire to achieve, helps them make friends more easily, and feel happier and more secure in all aspects of life. Our staff have many wonderful ways to let a child know they have done something fantastic.



For babies a gentle voice helps them to feel relaxed, it helps them to get to know us and feel safe in our care. As your child grows, talking is a great way of showing that we are interested in your child and helps them to feel valued at Nursery.



As your child grows, they start to use words and begin to question the world around them. It is extremely important that they are surrounded by people who will take the time to listen. Giving a child an opportunity to talk can make the world of difference to their confidence and gives us a wonderful insight in to their unique view of the world.



Our Nursery is a fantastic learning environment that is full of learning opportunities; our children are brilliant at exploring it and really enjoy the sense of discovery. Being challenged in a variety of ways in an environment in which a child feels safe and secure will boost your child's confidence and can shape their attitude to learning in the future.



In their early years children sometimes find it difficult to find the right words to express their feelings. Our staff are experts at spotting the subtle signs that a child is anxious or unsure, and will always help the child to explore and understand what they are feeling and provide reassurance to the child.

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