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Our Management Team




Joint Officer in Charge

I began my early years career in 1999, starting with the company as a trainee straight out of school! In addition to my early years qualifications, I have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience which enabled me to progress to Officer in Charge in 2010. Children thrive from strong relationships and knowledgeable adults who can really tune into their individual needs; I believe our small group approach really does facilitate this!

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Senior Nursery Officer –

Head of Toddlers

I started working at Marlborough day nursery in 2016 as a student. Since then, I have gained my Level 3 qualification, taken on room leader roles and progressed into a senior management role. I have experience within all ages of the nursery, and a great passion to support the children with their holistic needs and development. I believe that every child is unique and the reason I love my job is that I get to help each one discover their own strengths and talents, and nurture those traits through my educational approach.



Joint Officer in Charge

I have over 20 years’ experience in early years; a career that I am so passionate about. Marlborough is where I trained and qualified and it just feels like home! After a 2-year break, I rejoined the team in 2012 to take on the role of Officer in Charge, and have since progressed with further qualifications, whilst focusing on early years guidance and legislative changes. Lisa and I, lead a professional team of dedicated practitioners, who share our passion in providing the very best outcomes for the children in our care.

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Senior Nursery Officer –

Head of Babies

I have been working in Early Years since having my second child in 2015 and joined Marlborough in 2020. Prior to this I was a teaching assistant in a primary school. For me being part of a child's journey is a privilege, something I find really rewarding. Currently I'm situated in our Baby 1 room, which I absolutely adore, supporting our babies at a pivotal point in their journey. I lead a passionate and dedicated team, and together we work hard to achieve excellence for our babies.

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Deputy Officer in Charge –

Head of Foundation

I began working at Marlborough in 2009 as a trainee. Since then I have progressed to Deputy Officer in Charge, and have gained a number of qualifications from NVQ level 2 up to Level 7, as well as achieving my Early Years Teacher (EYT) status. My passion is working with 3 years plus, preparing them for their onward journey in education, through activities and opportunities whilst using my knowledge and experience to nurture each child based on their individual needs and development.

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Financial Administrator

| have over 33 years’ experience in childcare and started at Marlborough Day Nursery on its first day of opening in 1990.  I have worked as the nursery manager for many years until deciding to reduce my hours due to family commitments, and at this point I took on the role as administrator.  My strengths lie with helping parents with funding. Marlborough Day Nursery is very much a family business and I am proud to be part of its journey.

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