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Our Parents

At Marlborough Day Nursery we know that parents are children’s first educators. We aim to support and assist parents and carers ensuring that they are provided with the opportunity to participate in all aspects of nursery life. We want you to trust and have confidence in what we do because we want you to be happy and ultimately feel in no doubt that leaving your most precious possession with us is the right thing to do.

This partnership with parents is fundamental for enhancing children’s development and learning whilst at Nursery and at home. We pride ourselves on building relationships with our parents and making them feel welcome and valued right from their very first visit. We always provide a warm and friendly atmosphere and understand all families are important.

Two way communication is key, and we encourage all feedback as well as promote openness. All our parents are able to make use of the free Famly App. Available on mobiles and via an internet browser, Famly is a great way for us to stay in touch and keep you updated on your child's development at our Nursery.


With the fully encrypted, GDPR-compliant app, you are able to log into your child’s account, see daily updates, meals, progress reports, photographs, as well as access your invoices and accounts payable information. When your child is sick or on holiday, you can let us know with the click of a button.


Your login has a personalised feed where we can update you with pictures, videos, observations and announcements throughout the day. With these real-time updates, straight to your pocket, you will always get to stay involved in the child's day. We can also send messages to each other in-app too, allowing us to keep you posted about everything big and small.

Staff are available every day to give feedback about your child’s day and to share any significant happenings with you, plus you have access to progress reports and are invited periodically to attend a parents evening at the Nursery. 

We publish regular newsletters to keep you updated with useful information, as well as our news and activities, both past and upcoming. We also encourage you to come along to our many special events organised throughout the year including but not limited to fairs, charity events, and coffee mornings that we hold in Nursery.

Our Nursery also has an open door policy for parents which means you can pop in any time you like or telephone to see how your child is getting on.

We truly believe that the sharing of information between Nursery staff and parents is vital for responding quickly to support children’s individual learning and development and makes for happy children.

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