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Our Children

All our babies experience a gentle transition from home to nursery with lots of interaction from caring childcare experts, our toddlers are supported in their quest to develop their life skills and our pre-schoolers experience fun new ways of learning every day.

Throughout their time at the Nursery, the learning experiences our children receive are tailored to their individual needs. Many children attend our Nursery from the age of 6 weeks to 5 years and our qualified and experienced childcare team help them to progress through every stage of their development. Children are encouraged to care for others, to be honest, open, socially responsible and to learn good values.

Settling In
We offer complimentary settling in sessions for parents and their children before embarking on the first day of Nursery. During these sessions we have the opportunity to get to know the parent and child in a relaxed and informal manner. At this time we will also gather information on the child, helping us to ensure that the child receives the individual learning and development they need.

0-2 Years (Babies)
We understand that babies are inquisitive, observing everything around them and learning how to let you know what they’re thinking and feeling through body movement and facial expressions as well as grasping that difficult task of hand eye co-ordination.

As well as a nurturing dedicated baby team on hand to give lots of cuddles and conversation our babies have the right resources for them including lots of different texture play toys, access to photos of family as well as stimulation from mirrors and play books. We have sleep areas and comfy places as well as an abundance of rugs and specially designed areas where babies can explore, roll around and get to grips with becoming mobile.

Babies and toddlers are encouraged to learn by using their senses, exploring the world around them through a range of activities, in a safe and secure environment with familiar, friendly faces. Activities include singing, story time, messy and outdoor play, which allow the children to explore independently and develop their confidence.

Our childcare team will work with you to ensure we follow your child’s routine to help everyone settle into Nursery life. We also keep a daily diary, including records of your child’s sleeps and feeds.

2-3 Years (Toddlers)
As children begin learning more about themselves and the world around them, they want to explore further, experiment and make their own decisions. There are many opportunities for exploration, balanced by a routine with regular quiet times. Activities across the two toddler rooms are mainly creative, with sand and water always available, plenty of indoor and outdoor physical play, and opportunities for role play and imaginative games.

3-5 Years (Pre-School)

For this age group we have developed a carefully planned programme working towards the Early Years Foundation Stage as we recognise this fast track to preparing for school. As your child plays and learns our experienced staff observe their progress and respond to their individual needs. Independence is encouraged as their confidence grows and there is a focus on their creative, physical and social development. In our three pre-school rooms we provide as many opportunities to learn as possible with unlimited access to books, maths puzzles, imaginative play areas and computers setting them up for life beyond Nursery.​


The Nursery also begins French and Spanish lessons in this age group. We believe this is the ideal age for language skills to be practiced, as young children are more relaxed and better at imitating sounds and pronunciation. There are many proven benefits to children learning a second language, not least strengthening their ability to communicate in a first language as brain connections are stimulated and improved. Additional benefits include increased confidence and self-esteem and improved vocabulary in the child’s first language. Children who learn another language also see improvements in overall cognitive development, including increased creative thinking and development in problem-solving abilities, benefiting mathematical understanding.

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