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Our Terms

Opening Hours
The opening hours of our Nursery are 7.30am through to 6.00pm Monday to Friday. Our Nursery is open all year around closing only for bank holidays, Easter and the Christmas period.​

We have full day and morning and afternoon sessions available, because we want to work around what’s best for you and your child.​

Inclusive Fees
Fees are inclusive of all meals, snacks, drinks, wipes and even some baby formula milk. Fees are typically reviewed each year but we will always give you a month’s notice before we make any changes to your payment plan. Please enquire within the Nursery for our current fees. 

Payment of Fees
Fees are payable monthly in advance. Payment methods include standing order, childcare vouchers, credit/debit card, cash, cheque and transfers directly into our bank account.

Our sibling discount is 5%

Minimum Booking
Please note the required minimum attendance is one full day/two half days each week throughout the year. In our experience this gives your child stability, allow them to adapt to the routine, feel settled in their surroundings and form bonds with friends.​

Settling In
We offer complimentary settling in sessions for our parents and children before they embark on the first day at nursery. These sessions give us the opportunity to get to know you and your child in a relaxed and informal manner whilst gently getting children used to the new environment. It’s important to us that both parents and children feel comfortable, safe and secure at our Nursery so we work with you to know when you’ve both had enough settling in sessions!

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