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Our Activities

We use our wealth of knowledge and experience to provide naturally inspiring, child-led learning. We provide activities which will nurture your child’s imagination, help them develop key social skills and encourage them to flourish. These activities are on offer as part of the children’s everyday routine. They are built around the interests of the children and designed to engage them and encourage them to take the next steps in their individual developmental journey.



Music encourages children to experiment with and explore sound. They can express different emotions through using different rhythms or volumes and moving to music also helps children to learn about timing and beats. Music is found in the area of development of expressive arts and design. Skills learnt within this area, like others, are all interlinked; for example, the simplest of number rhymes can help to enhance the child’s understanding of calculation and therefore develop mathematical skills.


It’s vital that your child is allowed to develop their creative abilities and to form independent opinions by exploring different media, materials, textures, colours, space and shapes. Our art programme recognises the importance of this and supports your child by guiding them to use representation to communicate, for example, making a mark and saying, “that’s me”. Once these skills are developed and children recognise marks have meaning they are setting down the foundations that are needed to develop their reading and writing skills.



When children learn to move with confidence and imagination, they safely develop a sense of awareness of space, self, and others. Our dance programme, carried out by an external dance artist, is specifically designed to help your child understand how their body responds to music and encourages natural and spontaneous movement.


Physical Activity & Physical Exercise

Your children’s gross and fine motor skills can be developed through a wide range of physical activities including playing with balls, hoops, ropes, cones, and skittles. They will also develop skills that will help them to solve problems, negotiate and work closely with a team or independently. Physical development is a prime area of development and children will be given the opportunity to be active and interactive. Our Foundation team carefully plan their PE sessions to build children’s confidence in physical activities, encouraging them to learn about safe risk taking and persisting in their play and activities.



Gardening aims to encourage your child’s natural interest and curiosity which is crucial to developing an appreciation of the world around them. For younger children activity centres on understanding the different textures of natural materials whilst for older children we help them develop appropriate language for labelling and naming plants and seeds. Our gardening experiences are a vital way for children to understand the impact of nurturing and caring.


Our cookery programme is designed to help your child develop their understanding of a number of different concepts relating to food — from different tastes and textures to weighing, measuring and counting. We also educate children about the benefits of healthy eating and encourage and support the development of good habits that will benefit them as they move on to school and throughout their lives.

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