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Our Staff

We genuinely believe that our Nursery team makes the distinction in delivering outstanding customer service to our parents and unrivalled care to our children.

​Our Building

The nursery, which has a central location, is accessible for those travelling by car, on public transport or on foot. Security is a priority and access to the building can only be gained through a rigorous security system. The children have no independent exit from the property. Our two separate outdoor play areas are fully screened from the public.

Our practitioners are attentive, responsive and considerate and take the time to reflect on their practice to ensure your child is always receiving the best care and attention. They are empowered to make regular observations of the children and record progress in order to share findings with parents and meet the needs of individuals. They plan learning and teaching based on these observations of interests and needs and meet the needs of each child by responding sensitively to feelings and behaviour.

As one of our key values is diversity, we have developed positive policies to promote equal opportunities in recruitment, development, promotion and in the workplace in general. We are absolutely committed to fostering an environment where diversity is celebrated and to emphasise our approach to diversity, our policy is to value the differences in people, to consider people’s needs whether that be of our colleagues or our parents and to make best use of those differences to improve our Nursery offering.

Our Nursery team comprises of the following:

​​Officers in Charge and Senior Team
All of our management team hold relevant childcare qualifications as well as a wealth of experience. They provide a strong link with parents and work in partnership with other settings and the local community to ensure that the EYFS, and the ‘Every Child Matters’ framework is achieved.

Room Leaders
Responsible for co-ordinating the planned activities that support the EYFS learning and leading each team in the specified age groups, they are qualified to minimum standards of NVQ level 3 or equivalent but many have further qualifications above this.

Nursery Officers
The levels of qualifications and experience vary within each team however our high quality selection process ensures that we have a diverse work force who enrich our children’s experience at nursery. We truly believe that children’s relationships with these knowledgeable practitioners support their learning more effectively than anything else.

We employ our own experienced Chefs who are based in the Nursery catering for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. They prepare fresh local produce, and cater for all dietary needs, allergies and cultural food specialities.

Our cleaners ensure our premises are always clean and hygienic, and ready for use as soon as our children enter their Nursery each day. Hygiene is of the utmost importance as we encourage children to develop and use all their senses.

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